What I learned from Frozen


With love, we can reverse the storm we made.


Wednesday, July 30th
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my mind won’t let me sleep
- my six word story (maybe it’s been done before I don’t know, but I’m not trying to copy anyone)
Monday, July 28th

My mind is so confused.

I need someone to talk to by someone I mean you.
I want to learn how to talk to you again without anything holding me back because I remember at one part in time, I could tell you anything and you would always have the best things to say that would always be lifting my spirits.

I am just so terrible because I ignored the listening ear and the helping hand offered.

Monday, July 28th
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I have made a huge mistake and I will never be able to recover from it.
I am my worst critic and I feel so stupid.
I am truly sorry.

Monday, July 28th


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